Ecommerce payments | Cardless checkout for online retailers in 2022

Why would shoppers pay with Citizen and not a card?

Checkout process Friction

Fraud at the checkout

Fees at the checkout

Why is paying with Citizen better than cards?

For customers

  • Easy checkout. Shoppers can pay easily and quickly with their mobile banking app, without having to get out their card. Buying their favourite products from their mobile or laptop has never been easier.
  • Fraud resistant. account-to-account payments do not save any details on the website, unlike with card payments. With no stored card details, there is nothing to be hacked. Account-to-account payments use the banks’ APIs to transfer money safely.
  • More payment options. Shoppers are looking for more payment options when shopping online. Using their card or PayPal is not always convenient, so giving more ways for your shoppers to pay you, will not lead them to drop the purchase and move to a competitor that offers them a variety of payment methods.
  • Earn Citizen rewards. Starting in early 2022, Citizen is launching its new reward scheme, which provides loyalty points whenever a consumer purchases Citizen from our merchants. We know it’s hard to encourage people to change their habits, so Citizen will be rewarding shoppers with a range of exciting benefits.

For retailers

  • Checkout integration. Citizen’s PayBlox platform is typically integrated within a few days, with no set-up fees and it doesn’t require any training. PayBlox’s dashboard provides data-rich insights into your payments, eases reconciliation and flags any suspicious behaviour. We provide a range of different product packages, tailored to your needs and your budget.
  • Great conversion. PayBlox is ideal for retailers that are trying to differentiate themselves by advancing their shoppers’ online experience. Grow your payment pool and get customers through checkout with adaptable payment journeys. For one of our customers, our payments were able to double customer conversion from 35 to 70%.
  • Peace of mind. We continually test our UX and customer journeys, so we can ensure simple and fast payments for your consumers with no impact on security. Unlike our competitors, we don’t just give you the infrastructure and leave you to implement the build yourself.
  • We provide an end-to-end solution where we take care of everything, from initial set up to live — and obviously ongoing support if you need it.
  • Our merchant directory. You’ll be included in the growing list of merchants offering Citizen’s cardless payment options around the UK. Our directory will feature new merchants, special offers and is the perfect way to be promoted to a new market.‍

Citizen’s PayBlox: an open banking payment solution




Citizen enables instant, cardless, account-to-account payments via their payment solution platform, PayBlox.

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Citizen enables instant, cardless, account-to-account payments via their payment solution platform, PayBlox.

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